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The sad truth is that some American used Boat Brokers and U.S boat shipping Companies are just not trustworthy when it comes to doing business. Yes, a valid Federal or State License does often mean compliance with the Government, but is does nothing to insure that those companies or the people those companies employ are acting ethically and will putting YOUR best interest first. At OceanTrek Marine, YOUR best interest is always our first Priority. From our prompt responses to our expert guidance, you will soon see that everything we do is all about helping YOU!

The Quality of being Honest and having strong moral Principals. At OceanTrek, Integrity is the core of our company and the definition in which we live and work by

Reference, Reference


References are proof of the company ability to perform, but where do you get them from, and how do you know they are real? This is a tough one, but with a little guidance, you will be fine.
* Ask for a vendor list (People they pay for services) and ask the company to detail the relationship with that vendor. You may need a written release to get financial details, but you can ask how long they have been working together? Do they pay on time? and if they are easy to work with? If they are not taking care of the people that help them, they may not be there to help you.

* Ask for a random list of past customers they have sold and shipped boats for, and ask the company to detail what they did for each customer. When you call the reference have questions ready to go and treat it like a quiz. The answers they provide and in the manner they give them will paint a pretty good picture of what you can expect from working with that company.

As your client, what will

You do for me?

If they don’t know what your talking about, then they are not the right company for you.

With OceanTrek Marine, the answer is “Yes” to all these questions.

Fed up & Frustrated Trying to do it Yourself? Let the Experts Help You!

What experience do you have

Selling and Shipping boats?

Anyone can purchase a website and say they know the business, but only Boat Brokers and Shipping Agents who have worked in their respected fields for a long time really know the ins and outs and can give you the best advice and service. Start a conversation with someone at the company and you will soon learn if the person can actually live up to their website.

How do

You charge?

Many boat brokers and international boat shipping companies do quote reasonable rates but, they base all their quotes off the information YOU provide them. Using the information you provide, they will provide you a quote. If you accept their quote, you will have to sign a multiple page contract with fine print that will transfer all the liability to you. The worst part, is that after your boat ships, the contract will allow them to come back and charge you additional fees, even if they make the mistake. If you don't pay, they can hold your boat “hostage” and refuse to release it until have paid them in full.

Questions to ask potential US based boat brokers and International boat shipping companies:

1How long is my International boat shipping quote good for?
The common answer is 30 days but manage or quotes so they are good for up to 60 days to allow you more time to complete your purchase.
2Is there already a confirmed sailing to go with the boat shipping quote you provided?
The Answer should always be "Yes”. Some shipping companies are known for providing quotes for sailings that do not exist. How do they do this? Well, it takes some leg work to quote shipping, especially for large yacht, so they just use and old quote to give you a price. If you commit, and send a large deposit, they will try and find a sailing. This rarely works and often leads to the buyer having to pay large moorage fees or a much higher price for shipping. Contact us for more information!
3Does the quote include all services needed to land the boat in my country?
The Answer should be "Yes”
4Is the insurance “All Risk” or just “Total Loss”?
The Answer should be "All Risk” All Risk insurance covers all type of damage that can happen while your boat is in transit. Total loss only pays if the entire shipment is lost in a sinking or fire.
5Will there be any additional charges you haven’t discussed yet?
The Answer should be "No”

Having OceanTrek Marine

As your Personal Agent!

With offices in Florida and North Carolina, OceanTrek Marine has a team of experienced individuals ready to help you with any part of the Boat Buying or Boat Shipping process. The Owner, Rich Arkey, is a hands-on General Manager and works directly with customers to ensure they have a great experience from beginning to end..

Get in touch with us today either by calling us at +1 (941) 896-4803 or by emailing Rich directly at [email protected]. You can also fill out our contact form below and let us know how we can help you. We would love the chance to answer your questions and have the chance to earn your business.

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