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Your Full Service Company

If you’re buying and Importing a boat from the U.S.A, or just have a boat to Export, we have the services you need, at the price you want!

OceanTrek Marine Services

Some people just need help with International shipping, and others need help with every step of the process which can include locating the boat to having it delivered in their home country. Simply, if your either buying or shipping a boat, we have one or more services that can help you!

Fed up & Frustrated Trying to do it Yourself? Let the Experts Help You!

World Wide Boat Export from

The East Coast of the U.S.A

Wherever you are in the world, we have the right boat shipping solution to get you your new boat. With three locations on the East Coast of the U.S.A, we can offer the lowest shipping rates and have an experienced staff will use the utmost care to properly prepare your boat for its Journey.

Whether you're Buying or shipping a boat, OceanTrek makes it safe and easy!

When you’re happy, we’re happy. At OceanTrek, we do what it takes to help our clients reach their goal of buying and owning a boat. That means going above and beyond to offer first-class service. There is no other company like us in the U.S., and we pride ourselves on being efficient and trustworthy.

To find out how we can help you, contact Owner and General Manager Rich at +1 (941) 896-4803, or by filling out our online contact form.