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Importing a Boat from the United States of America
March 15, 2017

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A “Buyer’s Agent” is the title of a person that represents the sole Interest of the buyer in the location and purchase of a boat, home or other large commodity. A Buyer’s Agent has an ethical responsibility to the buyer to educate, guide and protect them in all aspects of the purchase. As you can imagine, this can be a very daunting and stressful process and without the guidance of a buyer agent, mistakes can get very expensive. In the ‘Boat Brokerage Industry, the commission is usually paid by the seller regardless of if there is a buyer’s agent. WheCapture Boat for salere else can you employ the services and receive the Expert Guidance of a trained and experience professional on your side for FREE!

Below are 4 reasons WHY you should always use a “ Buyers Agent” when buying a used boat.

#1. Having a buyer’s agent is FREE to the buyer. Most boat buyers think they can save money by not using a buyer’s agent.  This is simply not true, in fact, not using one can end up costing you a lot of money. The reason is, the person or Boat Broker selling the boat is under contract with the owner of boat. The Boat Broker job is to list the boat and sell it for the highest amount possible. Since the Boat Broker is the ‘Seller’s Agent” this in completely acceptable. The Boat Broker is also paid by commission which is normally a percentage of the sale. It is for these two reasons alone that you the buyer should avoid dealing with a “Selling or Listing Broker” at all cost.

#2. A buyer’s agent will save you valuable time.  Why search for your next boat when you can have a professional buyer’s agent do it for you? A Buyer’s Agent spends hours looking at boats and keeping up with the local markets. This research will save you from wasting valuable time searching the 1000’s of boat listing sites in America. Buyer’s Agent’s will also have a network of contacts that offer boats for sale that the typical online search will not find. But the search is only part of the process. A Buyer’s Agents” will also handle initial contacts, write up and present offers, contracts, coordinate 3rd party inspections, verify seller and titles, final settlement and closing documentation.

#3. A Buyer’s Agent makes life easier and reduces stress.  When you have a buyer’s agent, you don’t have to worry about spending hours in front of a computer or driving through boat yards or marinas that would be perfect for you. You can spend your time doing the things you enjoy while the search is being handled by someone else who is a professional. We’ve helped hundreds of people from all over the world to locate and export the perfect boat, and our experience will help you to join the OceanTrek family of boat importers and buy and import the perfect boat from the U.S without any unpleasant surprises throughout the entire buying process. When you use us as your buyer’s agent, you’ll actually be surprised at how much we do for you behind the scenes. You don’t have to worry about the deadlines and “what ifs” because we do it for you.

#4. Your Buyer’s Agent will take care of all the paperwork.  Buying and Importing a boat from the U.S.A requires a little bit of paperwork. Without having an experienced agent to help you, the required paperwork can get overwhelming. Offers, purchase agreement, title work and closing documents can take up valuable time and cause delays at time of export if something is out of line. The proper export documentation will also need to be filed and if not done correctly it can cause further delays. Having an experienced professional by your side to handle the paperwork and to help answer any questions you might have is something that should not be over looked. We have done this many times for customers all over the world and will be right by your side throughout the entire process.


As you can see, having a “Buyer’s Agent” is the one part of the process that should be over looked. The path to buying and importing a boat from the U.S.A will have a few hurdles in it, but our team is here to help in every way we can and will guide you over each and every one like they are not even there.boat-shipping-oceantrek.

We hope you found this information use full and that it helps to guide you into the perfect boat.

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